hey there, I'm Nicole Francesca and I'm a multi-passionate writer, aspiring trans-personal counsellor passionate about well-being & women’s empowerment.

Here on Honest Thrive, I share my journey as student / trainee counsellor towards being a qualified psychotherapist. Resources and inspiration Including tips and tricks to help with studying. I also write about intentional living, holistic wellness and mindful life-styling. Posts and guides that will help you reflect, nourish and thrive. Occasionally I will also share my personal journey of self-development, meditation techniques and health tips that helped me thrive parental narcissistic abuse via my medium publication - Honest Thrive.                                                                                                                               

A little bit about yours truly....

I'm an avid reader, keen photographer, plant obsessive and skincare hoarder. I'm currently studying counselling at a college in Manchester, psychology + self-care are kinda my jam (if you hadn't already guessed). 

I am determined to create a platform built on cultivating and uplifting, empowering a community. A online space to breathe easy. You'll most likely find me reading self-development books, eating (vegan) cheese on crackers and girl crushing on Brene Brown.

My Life mantra is "She remembered who she was and the game changed".

Please get in touch as I love connecting with like-minded people

*Honest Thrive does not offer professional advice, only opinion, personal reflection & experiences.

**I must state I am not a fully qualified counsellor yet but I do have counselling, listening & communication skills that can be used to promote happiness and positive well-being.

*** Some posts maybe be triggering