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Finding Peace, Clarity & Happiness - Well-being

Psychological well-being consists of positive relationships with others, personal mastery, autonomy, a feeling of purpose and meaning in life. Achieving Overall Personal development. Nobody’s outlook will look exactly the same, in fact, mine might even change in the next few months, years and so on. But, right now these are my 5 so let’s dive into My top 5 well-being practices for Finding peace, clarity & happiness

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A beginners guide to self-reflection & why it’s important

Being self-aware you will be able to Consider and maybe even explore the opinions of others but you make the final decision in your life. Without second guessing yourself you will be aware of your feelings, thoughts, needs and wants. You will be able to empathise with others without taking on their burden. 

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The Psychology of self-care - What, Why & how

self-care is anything but a one-time act. It is a mindset and a process.

The term "self-care" was pioneered by medical and mental health professionals who prescribed healthy lifestyle changes and stress management behaviours. Unfortunately, it's since become mainstream and profitable for advertisers to perpetuate the fantasy that self-care can be easy and can be achieved simply. 

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The ultimate guide of self-compassion

Self-compassion is showing love, understanding and concern, without judgement for someone who is suffering. Self-compassion has so many benefits one of the most prominent is the effect it has on mental health. Through self-compassion we can be more loving and compassionate towards other but most importantly towards ourselves.

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