Living an intentional & meaningful life Manifesto 

This month i am taking part in a blogging challenge - Blog everyday in November which has been created by Wellness Blogger Elizabeth Dhokia. This is an opportunity to get motivated, inspired and accountable to create content. Day 1 is a chance to share who you are and what you stand for, however, my blog is kinda new so that has already been covered. Although you can read more on my home page & my about pages. I decided to do a little spin on this topic by sharing my manifesto which essentially shares all of this but it an intentional and meaningful way.

Compete ruthlessly, not with others, but with who you were yesterday. 

Give generously, wholeheartedly with kindness, your presence, your heart and try relentlessly.

Follow your North Star, trust in yourself and the mighty forces. 

Live unabashedly

Be unwavering in principle but be adaptable to change.

Live with purpose, be intentionally peaceful, happy and brave  

Strive forward vigorously even when it hurts, especially when it hurts!

Here's to the dreamers and the ones who crave a deeper sense of connectivity dream fearlessly. Focus on the present moment, as the present is the only moment you truly have. 

Stay true to who you are. 

Imagine the impossible 

....and don't forget, be intentionally grateful.